CR2032 3volt Lithium Coin Battery Button Cell

CR2032 3volt Lithium Coin Battery Button Cell

CR2032 3volt Lithium Coin Battery Button Cell:

1. voltage: 3.0v

2. capacity: 210mah (or OEM)

3. size: 32*20mm (or OEM)

4. type: button cell, coin battery

5. MOQ:10k

Product Details

CR2032 3volt Lithium Coin Battery Button Cell

I. Battery spec.:

  1. typical voltage: 3.0v

  2. typical capacity: 210mAh

  3. battery size: 3.2*20mm

  4. battery weight: 3.0g


II. Discharge curve:





III. More Desciption:

 this CR2032 is made of lithium manganese with Japanese most advancing tech, highly increased power and discharge ability with load. 

  • ---   from the above picture, you will find CR2032 under standard discharge curve in different load, discharge curver performance in different temperature envirionment use, and impulse discharge capability when start the switch power, at this moment, current draws is great from battery. 

  • ---   by the way, CR series is non-rechargeable battery, therefore, it's cyclelife is much important. with our updated articraft, this production tech is mature and adopt auto production line for button cell battery. it's sealed up well from electrolyte liquid leakage and any short cut.

  • ---   for any tabs, in series/parallel connection, welcome to send your drawings for our engineer's review.

The battery is safe when it is used normally. However, improper use can lead to serious leakage and danger of explosion. Therefore, please pay attention to the following questions.


Pay attention to lithium manganese batteries:


A. lithium / manganese dioxide battery is a primary battery and is not suitable for recharging.


I). as a backup battery, in order to avoid current from the main power supply, should install crystal diode.

II). should choose low leakage flow type diodes so that the charge capacity passed by the counter current is less than 1 to 2% of the nominal capacity of the battery.

III). if you need more information about lithium manganese batteries, please contact our company.


B. does not connect the battery with other power sources, which causes an increase in the flow of current to the battery.


C. avoids the direct contact with the battery by spot welding, and the appropriate weld sheet should be used as the connection.


D. When battery is welded, the temperature should not be higher than 270℃, and the time should not exceed 5 seconds.


E. if automatic welding, the battery should be placed in the welding end, be careful not to put the whole battery into or fall into the welding machine.


F. The battery should stay away from the heating equipment to ensure that the battery is not exposed to a high temperature environment above 60℃.