LIR2450 3.6V Lithium Ion Button Cell Battery

LIR2450 3.6V Lithium Ion Button Cell Battery

LIR2450 3.6V Lithium ion Button Cell Battery:

1. voltage: 3.6v

2. capacity: 140mah (or OEM)

3. size: 24*50mm (or OEM)

4. type: button battery, coin battery

5. MOQ:10k

Product Details

LIR2450 3.6V Lithium ion Button Cell Battery

I. Battery Specification:

this is LIR2450 button cell key elements in electrical performance.

1)  Basical info:

  1. -  nominal voltage: 3.6v

  2. -  nominal capacity: 140mah

  3. -  minimum capacity: 120mah

  4. -  coin cell dimensioin: 24*50mm

  5. -  button cell weight: 5.5g

2)  Charge data:

  1. -  standard charging voltage: 4.2v

  2. -  max charging voltage: 4.23v

  3. -  standard charging current: 0.5c

  4. -  max charging current: 1c

3)  Discharge data: 

  1. -  standard discharging current: 0.5c

  2. -  max discharging current: 2c

II. Adavantages:

More description for LIR2450 Button Cell Battery

  • -  this LIR2450 is made with Japan leading tech. it has much better advantages in encapsulation and longer cycle life. 

  •     after full charged and discharged with 0.2C, this LIR2450 can reach 500 cycles above good performance. and storage time is much longer. 

  • - besides, it has high voltage working platform, can work in up to 60 celsius degree to minus 20 celsius degree. 

  • -  this LIR2450 button cell battery discharge curve is stable and good.

  • -  therefore, it's widely used in PC mainbaord, MP3, watch, IC card, RFID, e-dictionary, bluetooth, walkie-talkie etc.

  • -  if you need any connection in series or parallel way, or any any tabs to fit in, please send us your drawing for our engineer's review.

III. Other Model:

more button cell battery as below:

Button cell modeltypical voltagecapacity(mAh)



max size




(V)typicalminiT * W * L