LIR2450 Rechargeable Button Cell Battery

LIR2450 Rechargeable Button Cell Battery

LIR2450 Rechargeable Button Cell Battery:

1. voltage: 3.6v

2. capacity: 140mah (or OEM)

3. size: 24*50mm (or OEM)

4. type: button cell, coin cell,button battery, coin battery

5. MOQ:10k

Product Details

LIR2450 Rechargeable Button Cell Battery

1. General Feature:

ItemRate ValueRemark
CapacityTypical140 mAhDischarge rate:0.2CmA
Minimum120 mAhEnd voltage:2.75V
Nominnal Voltage:3.6VDischarge rate:0.2CmA
End voltage:2.75V
Resistance:≤300 mΩ
Discharge cut-off voltage:2.75V
Charing current:0.5C mAStandard charging
Max charing current:1.0C mA
Charging voltage:4.2V
Max charing voltage:4.23V
Charging time:approx.  3.0hStandard charging
Fast charging time:approx.  2.0h1.0CmA
Standard discharging current;0.5C mAStandard discharging
Max discharging current:2.0C mA
Weight:approx. 5.5g
Working temperautre:Charge:0~+45℃
Discharge: -20~+60℃
Storage temperature:< 1month -20~+55℃recommend 25℃ during shipping
>1month -20~+45℃

2. Typical Features:

  • - this LIR2450 battery is rechargeable

  • - It made by lithium ion battery, which adops the most advancing Japanese technology to increase higher battery capacity, and 3.6v voltage makes it 3 times more than Ni-Mh & Ni-Cd battery. 

  • - Also, this LIR2450 battery has very good electrical performance in discharge with anti-liquid-leakage capability. 

  • - It can store for a long time period of time, without memory effect.

  • - besides, it's freemaintenance. it's free worry about discharge to zero power to start charge, you can charge and discharge it at any time when you are available.

3. Warnings:

^ if do not use for a long time, make sure to charge the coin cell every period of time. Suggest every 2 months is good.

^ Do not place the button battery is huge humidity;

^ Do not open or expose LIR2450 to fire, water or heater;

^ Do not expose to kids in case of swallow down or others;

4. OEM/ODM process:

> need any tabs or series/parallel connection, please kindly send your drawing to our service man. all batteries devliered will have 1 year warranty. 

> any fake info or battery quality problem, SNL support return policy.

> welcome to hearing from you in no time.