Lithium CR123a

Lithium CR123a

Lithium CR123a:

1. voltage: 3 v

2. capacity: 1300mah (or OEM)

3. size: 17*34.5mm (or OEM)

4. type: Zn-Mn,non-rechargeable CR123A

5. MOQ:10000pcs

Product Details

Lithium CR123a Information Description:

※  Technological Features: 

    Using Leakage-proof Technology |High Quality Resistant Material | High Temperature-resistant Material | Wide Temperature Range | Long Service Life | Excellent Leakage-proof | Storage and Distribution

※  High safety: 

    no explosion, no fire, etc.

※  Environmental protection: 

    At present, the company has implemented the EU "RoSH" directive, the products have passed SGS certification, fully meet the environmental protection needs of customers in Europe for batteries.

※  Main Applications: 

    Camera, Digital Camera, Camera, Night Vision, etc.

Lithium CR123A Testing Result: (in graph)