Rechargeable 123a Batteries

Rechargeable 123a Batteries

Rechargeable 123a Batteries

1. voltage: 3.7 v

2. capacity: 1000mah (or OEM)

3. size: 16*34.5mm (or OEM)

4. type: camera lithium battery

5. MOQ:10000pcs

Product Details

Rechargeable 123a Batteries

Safety Voltage: Maximum Voltage 4.2V, less than 2 sections of CR123A 6V (sold on the market)

The so-called CR123A rechargeable battery on market, which full voltage is higher than 6V, therefore, it will be liable to cause lamp burning incident. this CR123A rechargeable battery is abele to ensure the lamp will not be burnt. Because the voltage is slightly lower than the rated 6V voltage under protection.

Suggestions : use a few rechargeable CR123A batteries + several original CR123 (non-rechargeable batteries), is more flexible to use.


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