11.1V lithium-ion battery pack

- Dec 29, 2018-

11.1V lithium-ion battery pack belongs to multi-series and parallel lithium-ion battery pack. It is widely used in notebook batteries, LED flashlights, digital cameras, mining lamps, medical equipment, emergency lights and other manufacturers. It can play a very good role in protecting electrical appliances.

11.1v is the nominal voltage, the lowest voltage is 7V, and the highest voltage is 8.4V. The interior is composed of two lithium-ion batteries. The maximum voltage of a single lithium-ion battery is 4.2V and the minimum voltage is 2.75V. If the voltage is lower than 2.75V, the battery will be discarded and cannot be charged, otherwise it will be dangerous. Likewise, a single lithium-ion battery can not charge more than 4.2V, otherwise it will be dangerous.

Therefore, a charger should be designed to ensure that a single lithium-ion battery does not exceed 4.2V, charging input, 12.6V power supply.

Detailed description of three classical 11.1v lithium-ion battery charging circuit diagrams (11.1v lithium-ion battery charging chip)

When charging, the red indicator lights up and the green indicator lights up after filling.

High energy density, high voltage, pollution-free, lithium-free metal, high cycle life, no memory effect, fast charging.

11.1v Li-ion battery pack major parameter:

Combination mode: ICR18650-3S1P

Nominal voltage: 11.1V

Nominal capacity: 2200 mAh

Standard continuous discharge current: 0.2C

Maximum continuous discharge current: 1C

Working Temperature: Charging: 0-45 C

Discharge temperature: - 20 ~ 60 C

Product size: MAX19*56*70.5mm

Finished product internal resistance: <320mR

Standard weight: 0.15kg

Protection board: IC-S8254AAF+MOS-AO4409

Lead model: JST-VHR-2P reverse UL1007/20#, length 200mm

Protection parameters:

Overcharge protection voltage/4.28+0.025V per string

Over-discharge protection voltage 2.4+0.1V

Overcurrent value: 10-17A