11.1V 5400mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery for drone

- Dec 15, 2016-

11.1V 5400mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery for drone Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Key specifications/special features:
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Model: SP703496NR 11.1V  5400mAh
Finished resistance: ≤40MΩ
Rated capacity: 5400mAh
Charging temperature range: 10-45°C
Nominal voltage: 11.1V
Discharging temperature range: -10--50°C
Dimensions: 105mm×35mm×47mm

1. Long cycle lifespan: more than 500 cycles
2. Quality assurance and price concessions
3. High voltage and energy density
4. Low self-discharge
5. Environment-friendly
6. No memory effect
7. High safety
8. Can use any object shape

Typical capacity5400mAhDischarge: 1.0CmA
Minimum capacity5200mAh 
Rate5000mAhDischarge: 50A
Nominal Voltage11.1VDischarge: 0.2CmA (1080mA)
AC Impedance Resistance≤40mΩ≤40mΩ
Discharge Cut-off Voltage9.0V 
Charge Voltage12.60V 
Max. Charge Voltage12.69V 
Charge TimeApprox 2.0hCharge: 1.0CmA
Standard charge current1080mA0.2CmA
 Max. Charge Current5400mA1.0CmA
Operating Temperature10~+45℃Charge
Operating Temperature -10~+50℃Discharge
Storage Temperature-10~35℃Recommended storage temperature: 20℃
DimensionsLength: 105.0mm   max
Width: 35.0mm max
Thickness: 47.0mm max
Product weightApprox  350g 
Mechanical Performance     
ItemMeasuring Procedure  Requirements
Vibration testAfter standard charge, the battery is to be tested as following conditions:
Amplitude: 0.19mm
Frequency: 10~55Hz (sweep: 1Hz/min)
Direction: X/Y/Z axis for 30min. The battery is to be tested in three mutually perpendicular to each axis.
No fire, no explosion, no smoking .
Drop TestDrop the battery in the shipment condition (full- charge) from 1m height onto 18~20 mm or thicker concrete with p-tile on it 1 times each of obverse and inverse directions at 25±2℃No fire, no explosion, no smoking
Constant Humidity and Temperature CharacteristicsUnder the temperature of 20±5℃, after charging the battery with 0.2C, then put the battery into the constant temperature and humidity oven with 55±2℃ and 90~95% for 48h, the battery should be no obvious deformation, leakage, rust,  smoking and explosion. After testing take out the battery then rest for 2h under the temperature of 20±5℃, discharge with 1C to 3.0V.discharge capacity≥60% C5
Short-Circuit TestAfter standard charge, the battery is to be short-circuited by connecting the positive and negative terminals of the battery with copper wire having a maximum resistance load of 0.1Ω.No explosion, no fire. The temperature of the exterior cell casing shall not exceed 160℃.
Heating TestA battery is to be heated in a gravity convection or circulating air oven. The temperature of the oven is to be raised at a rate of 5±2℃/min to a temperature of 130±2℃ at which temperature the oven is to remain for 30 minutes before the test is discontinued.No explosion, no fire.
Abnormal Charging TestAfter standard charge, the battery is subjected to a charging current by connecting it to a dc-power supply. The beginning current is 3.0C, which is to be obtained by connecting a resistor of specified size and rating in series with the battery; the voltage of the dc-power supply is 4.6V. The test time is 2.5 hours.No explosion, no fire.
Overdischarge TestThe fully discharged cell is continually discharged for 24h with the (30×n) Ω load at 23±2℃.No explosion, no fire.
High Temperature Characteristics
Within 2h leave the battery in Constant Temperature & Constant Humidity Box which temperature is 55±2℃ after fully charge, discharge at 1C to 3.0V. The discharge time is required ≥51minno deformation and smoking
Low Temperature Characteristics
After fully charge, leave the battery in Constant temperature & constant Humidity box which temperature is -10±2℃ for 16-24h, discharge at 0.2C to 3.0V. The discharge time is required ≥3hno deformation and smoking

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