120 thousand square meters of membrane production line

- Nov 15, 2016-

Crown new material a total investment of 500 million yuan, mainly the production of special lithium battery isolation membrane agent and all kinds of raw materials used in lithium battery project officially put into operation, the project of nano membrane production line output of up to 120 thousand square meters, the yield reached 90%.          

The diaphragm of lithium ion batteries as technical barriers lithium four core materials in the highest, and finally realize the localization of the key materials, pay close attention to capital markets and industry due to its broad market prospects. GGII data show that in 2016 1-9 months, the domestic investment of four materials more than 35 billion yuan, of which the positive material (including the upper reaches of mineral resources), the diaphragm into a hot spot for investment.          

Despite the current lithium battery separator localization rate has exceeded 80%, but still showing the low end of excess capacity, the development of high-end production capacity in short supply depends on imports.          

With the increase in the number of new production capacity and business, price competition will accelerate the competition in the industry reshuffle. The future of enterprise scale diaphragm industry will be gradually reflected, how to grow to avoid the risk of future development in the fierce market competition, to further enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises become the common thinking proposition of diaphragm.

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