12v Battery Solar Emergency Lighting System

- Oct 20, 2018-

From January to March 2017, the installed capacity of new energy vehicle power battery is 0.11GWh, 0.23GWh and 0.94GWh, respectively. With the advent of the global wave of new energy vehicles, the space of power battery is huge. According to EVTank statistics, the total shipments of domestic lithium-ion batteries in China in 2016 reached 30.5 GWh, a substantial increase of 79.4% over the 17.0 GWh in 2015, and a compound growth rate of 172.94% in 2013-2016. by 2019, Gwh will be triple than that of 2016.

lithium ion battery is using more and more in solar and other new energy application system, such as solar lighting system, emergency lighting system etc. 12v is a popular voltage since lead acid battery era, however, lithium ion battery working platform is average higher than 12v lead acid battery in applications. we do not make any more explaination here.

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