12V200ah Deep Cycle Solar Battery Over 15years Life 3years Warranty

- Aug 31, 2016-

12V 200ah Deep Cycle Solar Battery Basic Info
Product Description solar battery
1. free maintenance solar accumulators
2. solar deep cycle 
lithium accumulators
3. 12v lithium ion battery for solar wind

Solar Deep Cycle Accumulators 12V 200Ah Structure and Characteristic: 

Solar Accumulators Solar battery for solar wind Applications:
1. Standby power of electric power company, Telecom Company, Bank, Stock System and Security Company

2. Standby power of all kinds of emergency illumination and system
3. Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Inverter
4. Standby power of guard against theft and alarm system
5. Power source for Power-assist vehicle, electromotive tool and toys
6. Standby power of solar energy system
7. Cable Television
8. Control Equipment
9. Medical Equipment
10. Solar and Wind power systems

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12V200Ah Solar Deep Cycle Battery SPECIFICATIONS  solar battery

Nominal Voltage

12 V

Rated Capacity (10 hour rate)

200 AH

(Length*Width*Height*Total Height )/mm

522*238*218*238 mm

Weight Approx



25 °C

10 Hour rate

200 AH

3 Hour rate

160 AH

1 Hour rate

130 AH

Internal Resistance

Fully charged battery at 25 °C

3m Ω

Capacity affected by temperature
(20 hour rate)

40 °C
25 °C
0 °C
-15 °C


At 25 °C

Capacity after 3 month storage
Capacity after 6 month storage
Capacity after 12 month storage


Terminal Type


(Constant Voltage)

Cycle use

Initial Charging Current less than 80 A
Voltage 14.40~15.00V

Float use

Voltage 13.50~13.80V