12volt 23ah capacity li ion accu replacement for lead acid batteries

- Feb 08, 2017-

Basic Info
  • Model No.: SNL-11.1V-23AH

  • Standard Voltage: 11.1v

  • Voltage: 12v

  • Nominnal capacity: 23ah

  • Samll size: 132.5*212*70mm (or OEM)

  • Pack weight: 3.4kg

  • Standard charge: 2A

  • Rapid charge:3A

  • Max. Charge Current: 8A (ambient temperature 25℃)

  • Quick charge time: 3-4hours

  • Extreme temperature: work at -20℃

  • Safety test: Shock Test, Crush test, Drop test, Forcing discharge, Over charge test test.

  • Safety protection: OC, OD, Short circuit, temperature management

  • Warranty: 2years

  • Certification: IEC62133, CE, MSDS etc.

  • Usage: for solar power, ECG, respirator, Pulmonary function testing apparatus,Rehabilitation equipment etc.

  • Made in: China, shenzhen city

  • Charging: DC 12.6v 10A, universal plug

Battery accu Speicification

12volt 23ah capacity li ion accu replacement for lead acid batteries

1Nominal capacity          23Ah        0.2C Discharge 
Min  capacity             22.5Ah        0.2C Discharge 
2Nominal voltage            11.1V
3Charge current             Standard Charge :0.2C
4Standard Charging method0.5C CC(constant current)charge to 4.2V,then CV(constant voltage 4.2V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C
5Charging time              Standard Charging
Approx4.5 hours 
6Max.discharge current    Constant current 2C end voltage 3.0V
7Standard Discharge CurrentConstant current 0.2 C  end voltage 3.0V
8Discharge cut-off voltage  9.0V
9Charge cut-off Voltage    12.6V
10Initial Impedance         <80mR       
11 Weight                  Approx:3.4kg
12Operating temperature     



13Storage temperature       -5~35℃
14Storage Humidity        75% RH
15Appearance                Without scratch,distortion,contamination and leakage
16Standard environmental condition
132.5*212*70mm (or OEM)

Constant Humidity and Temperature Characteristics Test

Under the temperature of 20±5℃,after charging the cell with 600mA(0.2C5),then put the cell into the constant temperature and humidity oven with 40±2℃ and90~95% for 48h,then store the cells at RTfor2hrs,and discharge the cells with 3000mA(1.0C5)to 2.0volts.

The cell has no obvious deformation, leakage,rust, smoking and explosion. Discharge time ≥36min

if the above parameter not fitable for your design, please kindly check with our service man. she/he will give you more options for your system/design.

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