1366 cooperation with Han Hua Q Cells polycrystalline silicon production efficiency of up to 19.6%

- Jan 16, 2017-

Kerfless silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies and South Korean component manufacturer Han Q Cells CO produced by the independent battery test, efficiency has reached 19.6%.          

1366 Technologies is the final access to the Department of energy loan guarantee technology company, is currently the only kerfless chip technology for commercial scale production company. 1366 plans in the next five years to Korea to provide a total of 700 megawatts of wafers, the two companies signed a supply agreement in April.          

The production of kerfless wafers eliminates the traditional production process of cutting ingot into wafers, which is not only time-consuming but also wastes up to 44% of the material. 1366 of the kerfless technology uses silicon directly into the wafer to reduce the cost of the equipment. 1366 the total cost of the chip is expected to be reduced by 54%.          

1366 and Han Hua announced in March 2015 to work together to improve the battery production process, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce waste, which will help Han Hua Q Cells in the future to produce more competitive components.          

By combining the 1366 kerfless technology, the embedded mm polysilicon wafer and the Han Q Cells Q.ANTUM passivated emitter back contact (PERC) battery technology, the two companies produce efficient battery efficiency up to 19.6%. solar batteires like: solar cell battery,solar panels with battery bank,solar electricity battery storage,solar powered battery chargers,solar and battery systems for homes,solar panel electricity storage,solar battery house system,solar electricity storage systems,solar panel energy storage battery,solar battery options