14.4V 750mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack 503048-4s

- Aug 31, 2016-

14.4V 750mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack Product Detail

Basic Info
Product Description
14.4V 750mAh li-polymer battery pack 503048-4S

Battery model: 503048-4S 750mAh 14.4V
Material of Case Soft Al-film packing foil
Nominal Capacity 750mAh
Nominal Voltage:
Charge method CC/CV (constant current/constant voltage)
Size: 20*30*48mm
Weight: About 58g
Rechargeable battery with no less than 500 times cycle life
14.4V li-polymer battery pack 503048-4S 750mAh
1) Specification Sheet:
No. Item Rated Performance Remark
1 Rated Capacity Typical 750mAh Discharge at 0.2C after standard charge fully.
Minimum 700mAh
2 Nominal Voltage14.4V Mean operation voltage during standard discharge.
3 Voltage at end of
12.0V Discharge cut-off voltage.
4 Charging Voltage 16.8±0.03V  
5 AC  (1KHz) Impedance New Cell Max.(mW) ≤100mΩ  
6 Standard Charge Constant Current 0.5C
Constant Voltage 16.8V
Cut-off current 0.01C
Charge time: Approx 4.0h.
7 Standard Discharge Constant current 0.2 C
end voltage 12.0V
8 Fast Charge Constant Current 1C
Constant Voltage 16.8V
Cut-off current 0.01C
Charge time: Approx 2.5h.
9 Fast Discharge Constant current 1 C
end voltage 12.0V
10 Maximum Continuous Charge Current 1.0C  
11 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 1.5C  
12 Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0~45C 60±25%RH.
Bare Cell.
Discharge: -20~60C
13 Storage Temperature
Less than 1 year: -20~25C  
Less than 3 months: -20~40C  
Less than 1 months: -30~45C  
Less than 12 hour: 45~60C  
14 Storage Humidity Range 60±25%RH.  
15 Weight Approx: 58g Whole product
16 Product Dimension Length: Max. 49.5mm Initialdimension
Width: Max. 30.5mm
Thickness: Max. 20.8mm
17 Package Standard International transportation package, based on UN3480 PI965[RLI] Lithium lon Cells/Batteries ONLY                              


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