18650 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Cheaper or Higher than Last Year?

- Mar 03, 2018-

18650 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Cheaper or Higher than Last Year?

a lot of news report last year, in 2017, upstream raw material increasing and keep increasing.

and which lithium ion electrolyte manufacturer merged and acquisition by which big company.

car industry big icons get feet into lithium ion battery industry et.

i think you must read a lot of news and articles about lithium ion battery raw material market price rocket double and triple.

however, here is to say, many down stream lithium ion battery factories have getting trouble with price rocket high. it's getting harder and harder to sell on down stream market. many customer say price is much higher than before.

while, this is the correct trend for lithium ion battery industry to update and screen the good suppliers from the bad ones. if your battery supplier is doing business with you for many years, and now they are still doing lithium ion batteries, then it's saved. it's saved from a very competitive lithium on battery down stream market.

by the way, is the price really getting higher than before?

the answer is YES.

however, because of the much more poor purchasing ability in the market, down stream battery market is getting to be cheaper i think. 

take 18650 7.4v Lithium ion Battery for an example, this 7.4v lithium ion battery pack, we are selling about 4$ per pieces before Cobalt increasing. when NCM raw material increased by 3times in 2017. the retail price is even getting higher to 6$ or so. however, we are now getting back to the normal after production volumn increasing as noted before. if you need any better offer or better price for 7.4v lithium ion battery, please ask our service man. he/she will give you our lastest new battery price for your reference. it's good price.