18650 Li ion Battery Bulk Analysis

- Nov 10, 2018-

18650 Li ion Battery Bulk Analysis

Market level: The global power battery market is dominated by five Asian companies (Ningde Age, Panasonic Japan, Samsung Korea, LG Korea, BYD Shenzhen), and these companies have become climate. Bosch will take a great market risk if it launches battery units at this time.

Technical level: the new technology of power battery is changing rapidly, and upgrading is urgent. The energy density of lithium batteries based on liquid electrolyte is not enough to meet the needs of electric vehicles. Solid state batteries and next generation lithium battery technology are expected to mature by 2025.

Cost level: 75% of the cost of battery unit comes from raw materials such as lithium. With the cost of processing, packaging and transportation, the profit margin is very limited. Once the price war starts, it can be said that it can not make a few money.

Investment Level: By 2030, the global power battery capacity will reach 1000 GkWh. If Bosch's market share reaches 20%, it will have to invest at least 20 billion Euros to purchase equipment for the production, testing and recovery of battery units. Once technological innovation is in place, early investment is likely to be wasted.