18650 route alert market application reef

- Mar 19, 2017-

At present, the number of cylindrical battery accounts for about 15% of the whole power battery market. Among them, 18650 of the battery in the new energy passenger car market accounted for about 20%, to small cars, mini cars are mostly in the new energy logistics car market accounted for about 30%.          

The current 18650 technology-based enterprises have spread to expand production news, most of the production capacity expansion will be completed by the end of this year or early next year, then, a large range of power battery production capacity will focus on the release of 18650.          

It is worth noting that these four types of power enterprises have 18650 advantages, but because the market precipitation, the scale of development, production layout, technological innovation and other reasons, the power industry is gradually showing 18650 echelon competition.3.7 battery,3.7 lipo battery,3.7 li ion battery,li ion 3.7 v,3.7 v lipo battery charger,lipo battery 3.7 v,3.7 v li ion,li ion 3.7 v battery,batterie drone 3.7 v,li ion polymer battery 3.7 v