2016 year lithium industry mergers and TOP10

- Jan 02, 2017-

At the end of the year has been to review the whole of 2016, in the dual drive policy guidance and market demand, and lithium battery industry mergers and acquisitions boom surging showing a blowout situation, lithium battery industry company through the acquisition of capital beachhead layout of power battery market of new energy vehicles, production capacity expansion accelerated, the integration of the industry trend is more obvious.          

In 2017, the Ministry of power battery industry standards recently released once landed, small and medium-sized enterprises as the lithium battery industry reached 8G kwh capacity requirements, will usher in a wave of mergers and acquisitions boom.    


1, Luoyang molybdenum copper and cobalt Tenke successfully acquired 56% stake in the project to spend 18 billion 400 million yuan          

2, *ST Rui intends to acquire 18 billion 300 million equity capital of 100% Minmetals restart asset restructuring          

3, long letter technology 8 billion 100 million acquisition of Beek power shares of 91%          

4, all electronic 8 billion yuan of overseas mergers and acquisitions of KSS and TS in Dresden          

5, Jian Rui fire: 5 billion 200 million acquisition of waltmal approved fund-raising 2 billion 500 million new lithium battery production line          

6, orient Seiko 4 billion 750 million mergers and acquisitions pride into the new energy battery          

7, the sky intends to acquire the shares of Xintai material optimistic about lithium fluoride, lithium, six          

8, western mining intends to acquire 2 billion 500 million beam mining and Qinghai lithium battery industry involved in new energy industry          

9, *ST intends to acquire 2 billion 200 million Jiangquan recombinant Redford lithium battery industry breakthrough new energy industry chain          

10, precise intends to 2 billion 100 million yuan acquisition of sublimation technology layout of the lithium battery core materials industry chain

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