2017 China's lithium battery materials export growth rate will reach 20%

- Dec 10, 2016-

In Japan and South Korea's international pattern in a situation of tripartite confrontation of lithium China, market share is getting bigger and bigger. With the strong support of the policy to promote the Chinese and capital, Chinese lithium battery industry chain both in the production scale or progress in technology are rapid growth.          

At the same time, compared with Japan and South Korea, China lithium industry in material, equipment, technology and other aspects there is a big gap, therefore, in order to expand further on the basis of strong, requires domestic enterprises to learn the international outstanding enterprises.          

On December 2016 7-9, with a "global vision and China strategy: the new pattern, new thinking and new trend" as the theme of the 2016 engineering lithium and Electric Vehicle Symposium in Shenzhen Venus was held at the Royal hotel.

2016 domestic cathode material production of 154 thousand tons, an increase of 36%, growth was mainly affected by lithium iron phosphate, three yuan materials, lithium cobalt drive; lithium manganate lithium iron phosphate, mainly rely on domestic demand, LiCoO2, three yuan materials bulk exports, especially lithium cobalt, because overseas manufacturers gradually give up the production of cobalt acid lithium; cathode material prices by 2016 the price of lithium carbonate or influence, there were price rising phenomenon.     

Two wheel drive policy and capital, the past few years, China lithium industry leap growth, four key materials, lithium battery electrolyte, cathode and anode basically achieve 100% localization, also export large quantities of domestic rate reached 85%; diaphragm.          

It is worth noting that the key materials for lithium batteries to further enhance the localization rate at the same time, the use of resources, cost advantages, domestic materials to enter the international market is speeding up, is expected to 2017, Chinese lithium battery materials export growth of more than 20%.

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