2020 new energy bus ratio will exceed 35%

- Mar 20, 2017-

At the municipal level and above city comprehensively promote the construction of urban public transport, new energy bus ratio of not less than 35%, urban resident population of more than 3 million city basically completed bus lane network, the integration of city public transportation resources, the development of the new service model to enhance the efficiency and quality of city public transport services.          

Support the charging area of highway service area, filling stations, as well as the Yangtze River, the Xijiang River, Beijing Hangzhou canal filling stations and other supporting facilities planning and construction. Accelerate the use of natural gas and other clean transport equipment, loading and unloading facilities, as well as pure electric, hybrid electric vehicle applications, phasing out diesel generators, accelerate the large-scale application of new energy vehicles.          

In this regard, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of transport, but also developed a series of policies to encourage support. Among them, the State Department of transportation for electric propulsion City, Vice Minister of transport Liu Xiaoming in answer to the taxi "oil for electricity" issue clear, "the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, as one of the most important contents of our national science and technology innovation and green development, attaches great importance to the popularization and application of the Ministry of transport new energy vehicles, the energy saving and emission reduction, air pollution and an important starting point to promote the restructuring of the industry."alarm battery 12v,rechargeable battery 12v,12v lipo battery pack,lithium iron battery 12v,lithium ion battery pack 12v,12v battery small,12v lithium polymer battery,12v lithium marine battery,12v li ion,lithium car batteries for sale