24v 10ah Lithium Polymer Battery for Electric Bike Battery

- Nov 15, 2016-

24v 10ah Lithium Polymer Battery for Electric Bike Battery Basic Info
  • Model NO.: LP0148-10000-L

  • Connection Mode: Series and Parallel

  • Discharge Rate: High Discharge Rate

  • Accessories Type: Battery

  • Standard Voltage: >12V

  • Battery Type: Lipo Battery

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Capacity: 10ah

  • Package: Fermented Plastic Bag and Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Size: Medium

  • Rated Capacity: >1000MAH

  • Usage: Remote Control Boat

  • Delivery Date: 15days

  • Voltage: 24V

  • HS Code: 850760000

Product Description
24v 10ah Lithium Polymer Battery for Electric Bike Battery

24v 10ah Lithium Polymer Battery for Electric Bike Battery

Any size can be design and produced
Any connector can be design

24v 10ah Lithium Polymer Battery for Electric Bike Battery

Type: Polymer lithium-ion battery
Model: 9759156C (4SCell adding wire)
Packing dimensions: 49 x 67 x 158mm³
Typical capacity: 10, 000mAh + 5% (0.2C/5A discharge)
Nominal voltage: 14.4V (average voltage at 0.2C/5A discharge)
Charge current: Charge cut-off voltage: 16.8 ± 0.05V
Standard: 0.2C/5A
Maximum: 1C/5A (working temperature: -20 to 45° )

Discharge current: Discharge cut-off voltage: 11V
Continuously: 35A
Maximum: 60A (working temperature: -20 to 60° )

Cell voltage: 15.1 to 15.6V (when leave factory)
Impedance: ≤ 18mΩ (AC 1kHz after 50% charge)
Weight: 930g

Customzied details:
1. What's the voltage and capacity you want?
2. How about the operating current and peaking current of your machine?
3. The battery will be used for what?
4. How about your quantity?

Attention: If I am not online, please kindly leave a message. I am here waiting for you. Thanks!

Product Advantages:
1).Green product
2).Long standby time
3).One year warranty
4).Excellent safety performance
5).Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge rate
6).Short circuit testing passed
7).Overcharge testing passed
8).Over discharge testing passed
9).150C thermal shock test passed
10).1.2m drop testing passed

1).Provide both single cells and battery packs
2).100% inspection before delivery
3).Inspects inner resistance,discharge platform and self-discharge
4).Manufacturer of 18650 lithium ion battery,lithium polymer battery etc.
5).Tablished quality control systems under ISO9001
6).Stomized packs, tags,labels,plugs,connectors,over current protection,
Temperature cont8.L protection are available

Shipping terms:
1).Samples checking:Sending by Express ( DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT,by air)
2).Bulk production:Sending out by cargo shipping / air freight / Express(DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT),or we can accept other shipping terms according to your requirements.
3).We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other issues that are caused by the shipping.

Safety Precaution:
1).Do not throw battery into water or make it wet;
2).Keep the battery away from heat source(like fire or heater);
3).Do not throw the battery into fire or heat the battery;
4).Forbid to hammer to trample the battery;
5).Forbid disassembling the battery in anyway

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