36v 48v low speed bike lithium ion battery replace for lead acid battery is inevitable

- Jan 31, 2017-

In November 2016 and in the two working conference in December, the standard working group identified the definition of low speed electric vehicles, power battery technical route, the highest speed and safety standards and other standards. At that time, the world's biggest controversy focused on power batteries.          

After a lapse of second working meeting only two days, the working group held third meetings, for the two meeting of the most controversial issues, the working group given a very clear attitude: low speed electric vehicles must be equipped with lithium batteries, lead-acid battery as the power source to.          

The industry has opened up the pot, the sound of dissent.          

Compared with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, although low energy density, short life, but the voltage stability, low cost, suitable for use in low-speed electric vehicles.          

"On the market 95% low-speed electric vehicles are used in lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery is a fundamental solution of rejection." "China's low speed electric vehicle standards should not limit lead-acid batteries, should let the market when the referee." "A lot of batteries, motors, electronic control and other parts of the varieties, should by the enterprise according to the overall design and market choice, there is no need to have a standard for others."          

In China hundreds of electric vehicle sub forum, Yang Yusheng Chinese Academy of engineering, is the silver haired old fellow, standing on the stage several times call for low-speed electric vehicle standards should not exclude the lead-acid battery.          

It is reported that in Europe and the United States, on the current laws and regulations are not limited to the low-speed electric car battery, no rejection lead-acid batteries, Yang Yusheng believes that the international regulations are not limited to the battery, China low-speed electric car standard also should not limit lead-acid batteries, let the market when the referee. Not out to standard time and again forced, passive feeling.          

For the low-speed electric vehicle lead-acid battery to lithium battery, deputy director of the Shanghai new energy automotive testing engineering technology research center Miu Wenquan said the approval, but at the same time he put forward the hope that through the way of market elimination, to the enterprise appropriate transition period. lithium ion e-vehical battery replace for lead acid batteries is a technical developemnt, it's an advancing trend. every new and advanced development trend could be also be killed by failed technicals. so either the policy exhit lead acid batteries or not, lithium ion battery is a good trend for pertrol oil energy saving and give much cleaner envrionment during making and using. all new technical batteires like: li ion 36v battery pack,black and decker 36 volt lithium battery,lithium 36v,black & decker 36v lithium battery,black & decker 36v battery,black decker 3v lithium battery,black and decker lithium battery 36v,electrokinetic cell battery 36v,e bike 36v,lifepo4 battery 36v