36v 8ah 9ah 10ah lifepo4 battery for bottle scooter

- Feb 08, 2017-

36v 8ah 9ah 10ah lifepo4 battery for bottle scooter
Model No:SNL-36V-8.8ah-ASNL-36V-10ah-BSNL-36V-8.8ah-CSNL-36V-11ah-DSNL-36V-11ah-ESNL-36V-8.8ah-F
Cell TypesSAMSUNG  ICR18650-22FSAMSUNG  ICR18650-26FSAMSUNG  ICR18650-22PSAMSUNG  INR18650-29EPanasonic NCR18650 LG Chem  18650MF1
Nominal capacity8.8Ah10.4Ah8.8Ah11.6Ah11.6Ah8.8Ah
Nominal voltage36V36V
Charging voltage42V42V
charging current2A2A
Continuous discharge current8A20A
Short circuit protectionExterior short circuitAutomatic recovery 
Cycle life≥500
Protection  Circuit  Module:PCM-L10S10-197
Continuous charging current5APCM
Continuous Discharging current15APCM
Over-charge detection voltage4.25±0.025VSingle Cell
Over-discharge detection voltage2.50±0.062VSingle Cell
Over-current  detection50±10ACan Adjust

Cyclelife Testing:

The battery will be discharged according to the requirement of standard discharge before cycle life testing. At average temperature 23+2℃, the battery will be charged, according to the requirement of quick charge, after 30 minutes, then it will be discharged with current 5C5mA until the voltage reaches the end voltage. So one cycle will be finished. To do the cycle continuously. testing results >500times passed.

Viberation test:

a)At room temperature (20±5℃) and normal atmospheric pressure , to inspect the sample battery visually ,then the battery will be charged according to standard charge.

b)The battery will be vibrated 10 times in each direction of X, Y, with changing frequency of 10~55HZ and amplitude of 0.35mm. The rate of scan frequency is from 10~55HZ per min.

c)After above testing , to keep the battery at 20±5℃ and the environment of normal atmospheric pressure for 1~2hrs. , The result of visual inspection has no explosion, no fire

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