48v 1000w electric bicycle battery better price after joint hands

- Feb 18, 2017-

Currently on the market three yuan materials, such as the maturity of the series is now more than 170 thousand yuan / ton or so, high nickel type of product prices will be higher, at about $200 thousand / ton, but the current supply is not large. The impact of metal price fluctuations on the price of three yuan material is more significant, therefore, pay more attention to fluctuations in metal prices more reasonable, metal price fluctuations will be passed to the downstream products.       


The following is the research record:          

1, in view of the current situation of cobalt metal prices and battery price contradiction, indicating the impact of three yuan cathode material and the precursor of the three yuan?         


A: from the perspective of the promotion of new energy vehicles, according to the Ministry of industry, Ministry of science and technology guidance recommendations, the core was asked to cut prices; but from the aspect of materials, materials and prices. The price of materials from the transfer of an industry in terms of price, product requirements, no profit space, may be early will have a certain profit space, but there is always the critical point to the critical point, it is hard for the enterprise will.          

But this seemingly contradictory situation of industrial chain, for the Grammy, it is the opportunity. Gelinmei as a recycling enterprise, it can make full use of the end of the industrial chain of battery residual, by creating the recycling industry chain, the circulating shared interests of all parties, in order to continue the healthy operation of the industrial chain.        


At present, the recycling industry not only Grammy layout in China, has also been involved in overseas, such as Samsung and ECOPRO, and cooperation; a wholly owned subsidiary of Jingmen gelinmei new material limited company acquired SHU POWDERS LIMITED 60% stake; signed a non circular economy industrial park project strategic cooperation memorandum. Therefore, the status of industry chain prices and price between cobalt batteries for recycling enterprises, committed to the Grammy recycling industry, it is a very good opportunity.         


2, the company's cobalt metal recovery is guaranteed, the channel is through the recovery of traders or their own layout?          

A: at present, the recycling channel is not perfect, especially for small waste battery recycling, because more fragmented, difficult recovery, part of the company through its own distribution network, some rely on traders.          

Traders recycling accounted for, there is no clear statistics, but for cobalt recovery, mainly from the waste batteries and cemented carbide, only in this piece of hard alloy, cobalt recovery at least 1500 tons / year.          

In the future for the new energy vehicle power battery recycling, will be much easier, because the new energy vehicles will be mandatory retirement, centralized treatment. I believe that with sound environmental policy and industrial policy guidance, as the standard of recycling business prospects will be very bright for Grammy.       


3, cobalt metal prices rose sharply, whether it will accelerate the industrialization of the domestic high nickel products, as well as the domestic high nickel three material technology, industrialization process view?     


Answer: technology, three yuan cathode material doping, coating process requires certain technical aspects of accumulation. For the cathode material, the domestic focus on the development of lithium cobalt, until the listing of Tesla, the country began to focus on three yuan cathode material, resulting in technical aspects far behind.          

At the same time, three yuan cathode material, the production process requirements are particularly high, such as oxygen purity, humidity, etc., so the equipment requirements are higher. In addition, the anode materials, electrolytes and other supporting issues are the factors affecting the cathode material market.

Grammy announced the above when investment research institutions ask. from the above questions and answers, we will find an overall situation of NCM material battery towarding a good trend. Internal advanced tech and capitals are emerging quickly now than ever before. it's good news for chinese national battery technique development, new tech and international capital will brings a great progress not only in quality improvement, but also save energy to increase production ability than ever before. Besides, all these above we mentioned, SNL still noticed that top enterprises are embracing and integreting to be stronger in all kinds of ways, much open than ever before, that is good example for all companies and enterprises, and also we find that integretation is a trend for companies to save all resources by jointing hands to be much stronger. after joint hands, we can make much better quality and less price in all these batteries, e.g.: batterie lifepo4 48v,48 volt batteri,48v 1000w electric bicycle battery,lithium ion battery 48v,48 volt lithium ion battery for sale,lithium akku 48v,48v 10ah battery,batterie lipo 48v,batterie lithium ion 48v,48v 1000w electric bike battery