48V/10ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs

- Aug 21, 2016-

  • Model NO.: SNL4810

  • Connection Mode: Series and Parallel

  • Discharge Rate: Medium Discharge Rate

  • Accessories Type: Chargers

  • Standard Voltage: >12V

  • Pack Dimension: 242 X 178 X 111mm: Weight: 6.25kg

  • Specification: CE, ROHS, UL, IEC62133

  • Type: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Size: Large

  • Rated Capacity: >1000MAH

  • Usage: E-Bike, Medical Equipment

  • Trademark: Starnovo

  • Origin: China

Product Description 48v lithium ion battery

Main Features & Applications  48v lithium ion battery

 - Long cycle life , charging and discharging more than 2000 times;

 - Safe and reliable, no-explosive and uninflammable;

 - Fast charging with large current: the battery can be fully charged with 1.5C within 40 minutes;

 - High temperature-resistant, the galvanothermy peak value of ICR ( LiFePO4 ) can reach 350ºC-500ºC;

 - Available for Wireless Pose machine, LED light, E-Bike, Hand tools, Medical treatment bed/wheel chair, Golf cart, Miner's lamp and so on;

48v battery  with Connector and PCB Embedded  electric bike battery 48v lithium ion battery
 Model: SNL4810
 Type:LiFePo4 Battery Pack
 Configuration:16S1P (16cells)
 Nominal voltage: 48V
 Max discharge current: 3C(30A)
 Max charge current: 1C(10A)
 Pack dimension:242 x 178 x 111mm
 Weight: 6.25kg
 Internal impedance (20°C±5°C):≤50mΩ