48v 20ah lifepo4 lithium battery price will increase in near future

- Apr 07, 2017-

At present domestic battery level lithium carbonate to almost all spodumene as the core raw materials, to ensure the battery grade lithium carbonate product quality and product homogeneity and stability of spodumene raw materials at present domestic battery lithium carbonate production enterprises in the mining of tailisen, a single source of raw materials. Although in recent years the domestic part of spodumene and gradually put into production, but subject to the instability of product quality and lower grade factors, still cannot replace the tailisen ore.

with the short supply of lithium carbonate raw material, new energy vehical batteries price is keepin creasing for the past quarter. according to expert's analysis and conclusion, lithium ion battery price is expected to get a fast development this year, more high quality and cheap price batteries at SNL, like: 48v 20ah lifepo4 lithium battery,48v lithium battery,48v ebike battery,lithium battery 48v,48v battery pack,electric scooter battery 48v,48v lipo,48v rechargeable battery,48v scooter battery,48v lipo battery pack