48v 65ah Lithium ion Back Up Battery Pack Solar PV System Use

- Mar 11, 2018-

48v 65ah Lithium ion Back Up Battery Pack Solar PV System Use

48v is a well known voltage either in lead acid batteries or lithium ion batteries. Generally, most of them can be replace for each other.

more and more EV car batteries decided to use 48v, either with lead acid battery or any type of lithium ion batteries. this has its typical meaning inside. we have explained before in our news and industrial essays.

this 48v 65ah lithium ion battery as solar pv backup power supply, is made by big lifepo4 cells. 

generally size 512*173*142mm with metal case, to proof battery from dusty and water.

also this battery, we design it with proper LCD screen. it will shows battery condition for you by view. for example, how much current is charging in, how much power rest, what's the temperature during charging, and during discharging, is it charged full etc.

and also it designed with proper electrical power protections, to protect battery from thunder storm, over charage, over discharge, and short circuit etc.

this battery can communicate with people well. During design, it's firstly designed with smart communication. totally it weights 27kg or so.

max charging power 20A and max discharging power 20A too. any other power can be design also.

welcome to discuss more about the technicals.