65 companies over one hundred billion competing battery power field

- Jan 11, 2017-

Over the past two years, the development of new energy vehicles continued fiery, power batteries as the key components of new energy vehicles, has been the object of competition for capital.          

Due to the influx of a large number of social capital, making the explosive growth of the number of power battery industry. According to the Ministry of statistics, at present, China's power battery monomer enterprises has reached 227, is the beginning of 2014, the times of two. The size of a large number of enterprises is not a healthy and healthy development of the industry characteristics. In the battery market chaos situation, many industry experts worry that "bad money drives out good money" vicious competition or will appear.          

Not long ago, the Ministry issued the "automotive battery industry standard conditions (2017)" (Draft) proposed that lithium ion battery monomer enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 8 billion watts. This provision will take most businesses, some experts said that the standard conditions in mind by increasing the capacity threshold, prevent capital into the battery industry like a swarm of bees. From the point of view of the survival of the fittest, may be easier for regulators to operate and supervise.          

There are companies who have said that if the 2015 Chinese power battery industry in the "wild type" growth stage, power battery industry in 2016 "tangled" stage of development, so in 2017 the power battery industry will usher in the "reshuffle", the transformation process of Chinese power battery market will also be experienced by the "wild type" growth "in order to the development of". domestic storage batteries,domestic battery storage system,domestic solar energy storage systems,household battery storage,house battery system,house battery bank,house solar battery,house battery storage,house battery solar,energy storage for solar panels