7.4 v 2200mah lipo 18650 power battery demand analysis

- Apr 03, 2017-

From the demand side, the global demand for lithium batteries in 2016 was 124Gwh, an increase of 29% over the same period last year. Among them, the power lithium battery shipments of about 45.33Gwh in the next ten years, the global power lithium battery market will continue to grow rapidly, is expected in 2022 the total demand and market size will reach 54.9Gwh and $26 billion 700 million.          

In addition, the year 2016, the total output of China three class lithium battery is about 62.35GWh, the soft bag, square, cylindrical cell yield were 27.8GWh, 20.32GWh, 14.23GWh, an increase of 40.4%, 19.5% and 40.89% respectively.

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