7.4V Lithium ion Battery in Smart Toilet Cover

- Feb 23, 2019-

7.4V Lithium ion Battery in Smart Toilet Cover 


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for intelligent toilet cover is also growing. SINOLI specializes in customizing a safer and more reliable 7.4V lithium ion battery pack with a smart toilet cover. It will bring you a more comfortable and comfortable experience.

The smart toilet cover on the market generally includes the following types:

1). The utility model relates to an intelligent toilet cover with cleaning, heating, etc.

2). The other is a smart toilet cover that can automatically replace thin film.

all batteries can be designed according to your smart toilet cover.

What kind of power source used in smart toilet cover:

here is one of the parameters  for smart toilet cover for your reference:

1. Battery model: SNL-7.4v 4400mAh

2. Post-battery mode: 2S2P

3. Battery power: 32.56W

4. Battery size: 20*40*135mm

What SINOLI BATTERY do for you?

First of all, SINOLI BATTERY is a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer in China. SINOLI Battery always help people to solve all kinds of battery problems in application.