7.4 volt lithium ion battery pack 4400mah made by 18650 oem for sale

- Mar 07, 2017-

Battery Brief Info
  • Model NO.:SNL-7.4V-4400MAH

  • Nominal Voltage: 7.4v

  • Compatible Battery Type: 18650

  • Certification: RoHS, CB, UL, CE

  • Recyclable: Recyclable

  • Capacity: 4400mAh

  • Place of Origin: South Korea

  • Cycle Life: >500 Times

  • Origin: shenzhen, China

  • Type: Lithium ion Battery

  • Charger Application: Standard Battery

  • Charger Style: Intelligent Charger

  • Size: 37*37*67mm

  • Socket Type: For UK

  • Voltage: 7.4v

  • Max Discharge Current: 2c

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Shape: Cylinder

  • Weight: Max 200g

  • Certification: RoHS, CE, UL, UN38.3

  • Accessory: Electric Charger

  • Use: surgical lighting,operation theatre lights,surgical headlamp,surgical headlight,theater room lighting,led surgical headlight

 7.4 volt lithium ion battery pack 4400mah made by 18650 oem for sale
Nominal Capacity4400mah  (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)
Charging Voltage8.4v
Nominal Voltage7.4V
Charging MethodCC-CV
(constant voltage with limited current )
Standard Charging TimeStandard charge: 3.0hours
Rapid charge: 2.5hours
Max. Charge Current0.5C
Max. Discharge Current2C
Cell Weight200g max.
Operating TemperatureCharge: 0 to 45°C
(Ambient)Discharge: -20 to 60°C
Storage Temperature1 year: -20 to 25°C
3 months: -20 to 45°C
1 month: -20 to 50°C

Why Choose us

1. each cells with high capacity of the limited size

2. with cells to make up a pack ,and between the cells,there is good quality match.which is achieved through strict control technics procedure.

3.shortcut delievery----we can supply you products within a week.

4.circumspect after service-- if there is quality problem,we can give you  replacement


Q:What's the warranty of your products?
A:We promise the rechargeable battery warranty for 12months .
Q:How about your quality?
A:All of the products have passed by strict test before shipping with standard export package .
Q: How do we make the payment?
A: We accept Paypal, Western Union, TT,LC, Please do only pay to the official account authorized by    Ehighsen
Q: How can I make the order?
A:Call me or email to me, we will guide you to make the order.


1. When using the application equipped with the battery, refer to the user's manual before usage. 
2. Please read the specific charger manual before charging. 
3. Charge time should not be longer than specified inthe manual. 
4. When the cell is not charged after long exposure to the charger, discontinue charging. 
5. Battery must be charged at operating temperature range 0 ~ 50°C. 
6. Battery must be discharged at operating temperature range -20 ~ 75C. 
7. Please check the positive(+) and negative(-) direction before packing. 
8. When a lead plate or wire is connected to the cellfor packing, check out insulation not to short-circuit. 
9. Battery must be stored separately. 
10.Battery must be stored in a dry area with low temperature for long-term storage. 
11.Do not place the battery in direct sunlight or heat. 
12.Do not use the battery in high static energy environment where the protection device can be damaged. 
13.When rust or smell is detected on first use, please return the product to the seller immediately. 
14.The battery must be away from children or pets 
15.When cell life span shortens after long usage, please exchange to new cells.


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