Apple product quality decline

- Jan 16, 2017-

Recently, apple is processed to replace the battery on the abnormal shutdown of the iPhone 6S, the reporter also visited the track for the first time, but the result is to replace the battery in a month, which makes many consumers disappointed, at the same time, also reflects the lack of Apple customer service ability.           Recently, there are foreign users to reflect the existence of the new MacBook Pro flower screen problem, including the screen will randomly appear some red or black stripes, the computer appears to be unable to recover the collapse of the problem.          

Apple is now in a midlife crisis, but there are still 3 crisis but Apple should be more attention to the problem:

1 supply chain; 2 research capacity; 3 pride.          

In fact, many people will be fooled by a false impression - snapped. Since the era of iPhone 4, Apple's products are required to buy every year, some people call it hunger marketing, and even some domestic mobile phone also joined the event".          

In addition, the majority of Apple's mobile phone sales channels come from operators, because the operator's huge subsidies to iPhone is the main reason for Apple's success in sales. And now, with the gradual reduction of China's three major mobile operators iPhone subsidies, its sales prospects will be even more slim.          

A few months ago, Apple announced the establishment of R & D centers in China, and the purpose of the establishment of R & D centers in order to counter the growing trend of domestic mobile phones. Because Apple's current sales in China due to the impact of the domestic mobile phone giant HUAWEI, OV, millet and shrinking.          

At the same time, Apple's iPhone 6S&6S from the aspect of innovation in terms of Apple's research capacity is going downhill in. Today, very few apples every year in the research on the investment proportion, compared to HUAWEI, Samsung, not worth mentioning. This is HUAWEI, Samsung and other manufacturers can continue to rise in the number of patents on the root cause.          

I believe very early buy an apple product users will find that apple inside born a proud squeamish. This arrogance continues in China, even fermentation. From the text of the three events will be reflected, it seems that Samsung is learning to play a double standard. As the saying goes, "modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind," and the fate of apple, if not as soon as possible, sooner or later will be ruined in pride.          

October 25th, Apple announced Q4 earnings in 2016, Apple's revenue of $46 billion 900 million in the quarter, net profit of $9 billion, down by $9% and $19%, respectively. After Apple's stock price fell 9 days in the 15 day of trading up to 6 days, the market value evaporated nearly $45 billion. Some analysts believe that this is related to the decline in sales of iPhone and iPad.

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