Apple Watch 3 3.82V, 279mAh Battery Navigation Questioned Again

- Nov 01, 2017-

Apple Watch 3 Series 1.07 Whr (3.82V, 279mAh collocation) battery, still using lithium ion polymer materials, compared to the previous generation (1.03Whr) growth of 4%, compared to the first generation (0.78Whr) grew by 32%.

Many user still questioned for the battery life of the new smart watch 3, .

Although Apple claims that Apple Watch Series 3 battery life is up to 18 hours, but this should take into account the specific use of the environment.

another data shows that, Apple's product iphone 8 takes only 33% user who still want to follow new iphones, which drop greatly than last year. but in those 33% follower, the top 3 reason for them to buy, is fast CPU & security, face identification and wireless charging.