Attentions in Polymer lithium ion Battery Assembly

- Nov 03, 2018-

Attentions to be Paid onto Polymer lithium ion Battery Assembly

1). Shell design

1, the battery shell should have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that its inner core is free from mechanical damage.

2. There should be no sharp edges in the case where the core is installed.

3, the space inside the shell should be enough to be placed into the core, so that the core can not be extruded and deformed.

2) protection circuit design

1, overcharge limiting voltage should be less than 4.25V (single power saving).

2. The limiting voltage of over discharge should be greater than 2.50V (single power saving).

3, protection circuit should have overcurrent and short circuit protection function.

4. In connection with the core design, please consider not to force the ear during assembly or use, so as not to damage the ear.

3) Attention to assembly of core and shell.

(1) connection of electric cores

1, the use of ultrasonic welding or spot welding technology to connect the core and protection circuit module or other parts is recommended.

2. The temperature of soldering iron is controllable and antistatic.

3, the temperature of soldering iron should not exceed 320 degrees C.

4, tin solder time should not exceed 3 seconds;

5. Solder joints should not exceed 5 times.

6, we must do the two welding after cooling the metal plate.

7, prohibit the direct heating of the core, higher than 60 degrees will lead to damage to the core.

8, prohibit simultaneous positive and negative pole soldering, so as to avoid short circuit and damage the core.

(2) installation of electric core

1, the wide surface of the core should be installed inside the enclosure.

2. The position of the core should not be burr or sharp.

3, the core can not move in the shell.

4, the connection between the positive and negative poles should not be too tight.

5. During assembly process, there should be no reciprocal twisting of the electric pole ears. If not, please do not exceed two times. And don't pull it out. So that the core pole can not be broken.

6. After assembling, check the location of the inner core of the housing.

(3) special reminder:

When not in use for a long time, let the battery be in a semi-full state (half of the electricity), that is, not full, do not discharge the electricity. And recharge after 2-3 months, and use half of the electricity, then store the battery in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight, which can effectively ensure that the battery is not damaged for a long time. It is best to store at 25 C + 5 C and relative humidity at 45%--75%HR. In the environment.