battery capacity increasing is a world hot topic for research

- Sep 03, 2016-

West media said, from the United States, Nevada, the city of San, about half an hour by car, a strange building presented in front of the next ten years here is likely to become the place to determine the technological development trend. It is made up of two plants that are built in the desert. It looks like no difference from any of the American suburban shopping centers, but the idea is always a lie.           


In 2017, the cost of nearly $5 billion of construction will become the world's largest battery manufacturing plant. 2020 to achieve full capacity, the annual production of 500 thousand lithium batteries.    

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According to the Spanish "interesting" monthly magazine reported in May, which is known as the Gigafactory 1 Tesla's first super battery factory. Electric car manufacturers Tesla cooperation with the Japanese Panasonic Corp, to solve technical problems plagued the world to find solutions. After the advent of lithium battery in 25 years, although in the performance has been improved to the extreme, but also no progress has been possible.           


Reported that, in the absence of other viable options, Tesla is the only way to increase the battery electric vehicle production to meet the increasing market demand, but also reduce the cost of equipment is also crucial for this. Future Tesla super battery plant capacity will be equivalent to the global battery production in 2013. Tesla therefore can be launched to the market so far the most economical electric vehicles.           


Five major challenges faced by the battery in the future           


Cost. Material is just one of the factors that are related to the final price of the product. The requirement for the preservation and packaging of the liquid electrolyte is very high, and the transportation cost will be increased. The safety and stability of the battery will be able to reduce the cost of electric vehicles, the power grid in the work of renewable energy is also a supplement. (Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.)



Security. Although the efficiency and reliability of the battery has been greatly improved over the past 30 years, it is still a dangerous equipment. If there is no proper protective measure during the charging and discharging, the battery is still very easy to burn.           


The annual global production capacity of about 35000 trillion kwh battery manufacturing. This figure is still unable to meet the needs of consumer electronics and electric vehicle manufacturers. If you want to achieve a thorough transformation of the Automotive Industrial Park, as well as to allow more share of the lithium battery in the power grid, you need to double the output.           


Recoverable. After hundreds of charging and discharging process, the lithium battery will drop in performance. Lithium batteries can be recycled, but this is an expensive process, but also requires a professional workforce. If you want to reduce the harm to the environment of lithium batteries, lithium battery development in the future must be more concerned about the recovery of this link.  

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Properties. The energy density of lithium batteries is very low, close to 150-250 watts per kilogram. In order to truly replace the fuel vehicles, lithium batteries in the storage capacity must be improved.           


Energy is the key to solve the cost of electric vehicles           


Reported that the biggest problem is that the battery storage capacity. The weight of a lithium battery energy density of about 160 watt hours per kilogram. Lithium batteries currently on the market the most advanced energy density can reach 250 Watt hours per kilogram, but the price is not cheap.   (2s lithium battery including: 7.4v lithium ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah li-ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah battery, lithium ion battery 7.4 v 2200mah, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery,  7.4v li-ion battery pack and so on.



As the electric car driver, if you want the future to longer battery life and anxiety, you must put the battery storage capacity increased to at least 350 Watt hours per kilogram. If not, the only option is to prepare the battery and increase the weight of the car, or increase the cost and time of charging the battery.           


Lithium is still the most attractive material to achieve a qualitative leap. Therefore, the laboratory can do three things in focus: to improve the technology of cathode materials; improve anode materials; obtain electrolytic solution more effectively, if can use solid electrolyte, so as to improve battery safety and equipment capacity.           


Silicon and graphene: new energy stone           


On the battery cathode material, the most promising is to use silicon structure instead of graphite. During the charging process, the lithium ion is 10 times as much as the graphite material, but the problem is that a lot of absorption will mean a greater amount of diffusion. Stanford University is experimenting with the use of nano silicon structures, which can be controlled by diffusion, but the distance to enter the commercial phase still needs to continue for many years to study.           

Another option is to use graphene as a cathode material that has been talked about in the scientific community. This can be called a "miracle" of the composition of the material by pure carbon. The amount of ions absorbed by the anode of a graphene, which is composed of a plurality of layers of atoms, is much larger, so that the battery capacity can be doubled in the same weight. (3s lithium battery including:  12v rechargeable batterybatterie 12v rechargeable12vdc rechargeable batterybateri 12v12 v batteriebattery 12v11.1v3s battery pack3s battery18650 batteri18650 batterie4ah battery 12v 4ah 12v battery12v battery 4ah12v 5 ah batterybattery 12v 5ah12v 5ah rechargeable battery12v battery 5ah12v 7ah batteryrechargeable battery 12v 7ah12v 12ah battery18650 rechargeable battery18650 battery rechargeablebatteries 18650 rechargeable12v battery capacity,23a 12v battery12v 23a battery and so on. )          


However, this material is still there are some of today's graphite battery is also difficult to solve the problem. Carbon is not an ideal material for the charging process.           


The replacement of anode materials has achieved a better result. Through some nano materials, several laboratories have achieved a more effective way to shorten the distance between ions in positive and negative pole pieces, thus improving the charging speed.           


Electrolyte: liquid to solid step

But the biggest change in the future will be the creation of a new electrolyte solution. From liquid to solid electrolytic solution step will allow the battery to become more secure. This can greatly improve the battery capacity, but also in a shorter period of time to complete the charge. Some companies have begun to produce this kind of solid-state batteries, and some have entered the stage of commercial promotion.


Paris's car rental company BlueIndy provides a solid state battery of electric car rental services. The manufacturing cost of solid state batteries is still expensive, and at present, any kind of solid materials can not prove that the efficiency is better than the liquid battery, and some solid materials are also subject to the limit of temperature.           


One of the most promising research directions is ceramic materials. University of Maryland has developed a high conductivity method, can make a more lightweight and efficient battery. The University Engineering Professor Eric Waksman pointed out that the battery of this material is more safe, in accordance with the current transition from the fuel vehicle to the electric vehicle market requirements.           


University of Maryland's research program has attracted a lot of agencies, including nasa. NASA believes the energy storage problem can be solved in the future space mission.           


Battery with larger capacity and shorter charging time will make the transportation and consumer electronics experience revolution, but its biggest impact is in the field of renewable energy. With the increasing cost of photovoltaic and wind power, the use of renewable energy in the world is becoming increasingly popular.           


Wind power and solar panels can be intermittent real estate electricity, as a supplement to the power grid when the power demand is low. At night is usually the peak of electricity. In such a period, it is still necessary to rely on oil and gas energy or nuclear power as the main source of energy for the power stations to provide electricity. Batteries that can be charged with high speed and high energy density can make up for the defects of electric power system, which can be used in the daytime for people to use at night.