battery differ li ion ni mh

- Aug 16, 2016-

nowadays, ni-cd/ni-mh/li-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries, which are widely used in all kind of portable device, like laptop, camera, mobile phone etc.


Each kind of battery has it's particular chemistry characteristics.


ni-mh battery has much higher energy density than ni-cd battery. Under the same size, ni-mh battery's capacity is twice than ni-cd battery.

also on the point of eco-environment, ni-mh battery performs much better than ni-cd battery, because ni-mh battery do not have toxic heavy metal pollution.

in other words, ni-mh battery can offer higher capacity by not increase final product's total weight.


now li-ion battery quickly takes the market for portable devices. because li-ion battery has good performance as ni-mh, but weight less than 35% or so.

this aspects are much important for portable devices like camera, laptop etc.

and also li-ion battery do not have memory effect problem and eco-environment without toxic substances, which is also a very key point for a standard power supply.