battery forum discussion record I

- Dec 20, 2016-

Forum discussion record:


Zhou Peng (Moderator): summed up in 2016 the field of new energy vehicles, the word Guan Jian, for the power battery this piece has three Guan Jian words: cheat complement, vehicle safety and geopolitical. I would like to have five questions, these five questions are basically Guan Jian word or digital form to ask different guests.


The first question is about the specification of power battery industry and the draft of the proposed 8 billion kwh, to satisfy the production capacity of enterprises to the so-called power battery specifications into. I would like to ask Hong, 8 billion watt hour reaction is a concept of what? From the host factory main choice battery supplier, if you can choose, what is your choice? Host factory and battery enterprise cooperation, from my main and open cooperation and coordination on what you think?


Hong Bin: if the host plant selection of power battery, first of all should be safety, including the consistency of the battery, vehicle safety, heating, burning the problem may be on the whole industry of new energy vehicles, the development of electric vehicles will have a great impact, so we first consider might be a safe and reliable the second main performance; or the cost, at the cost of the battery for electric vehicle cost inside 1/3 to about half, I want to state for so many in our understanding of subsidies should be the power supply vehicle battery factory, hoping to achieve a certain scale, so that a certain amount after it the cost can be decreased a bit. You just mentioned the 8 billion watt scale, probably because this part of the battery, if not to a certain size, it costs do not fall down.


Zhou Peng (host): I can tell you, if meet the safety and cost, Dongfeng Nissan, for example, of course, now the supplier must be Japanese suppliers, then you will consider domestic suppliers? Or forced to consider domestic suppliers?


Hong Bin: definitely an inevitable trend.


Zhou Peng (host): I would like to ask the next question Liao total, from the angle of competition you want to see more than ten domestic factory reaches 8 billion watts of this capacity? Because from our point of the domestic capacity planning is greater than ten, I believe that Hong more cars can't digest so many batteries, so I would like to ask Liu total, in this case is not the industry will finally take a heating strategy?


Liao Zhenbo: Beek is the battery power battery industry first in the country, is currently the lead inside the cylindrical battery fully deserve the domestic and international, just the host asked about 8 billion kwh capacity problems, in fact I still confused, I noticed that the Ministry proposed a capacity requirements of this, I also attended there is some discussion is the capacity requirements of what is the purpose? So what kind of cost is it to apportion? Our power battery is also divided into iron lithium battery, our battery factory is divided into 3C polymer battery.

We Beek battery in the field of three yuan power battery which is currently ranked first in the country, we are the largest number of trucks, how to prove that your products are qualified? If the product life cycle does not reach 5 years and 8 years it is hard to say that the battery itself is safe. I told you a report, in 2010, the APEC meeting in Beijing, there are 200 Taipei steam car battery was selected as a taxi, so far, the 200 vehicles for 5 years on the market is still running, its mileage per car more than 170 thousand kilometers, without any safety accident, Beek to the market supply of hundreds of millions of cells so far without any problems, so this is the safety of Beek is fully deserve.


Production capacity, Beek this year is the supply of 2.5 G kwh, in 2020 to 12G to three yuan 14G watt watt hour battery, which our single product is so big, in other words, from the inherent requirements of production itself, to do a specified capacity, as a government to the provisions, the original intention is to us there are economies of scale, like to engage in the car like this, about the economies of scale, economies of scale including supply chain, including the Internet, including manufacturing, R & D and sharing, so that we speak to the provisions of capacity decomposition, then peel a layer, we do not simply say about the capacity of the specific requirements, but just now to report the data, Beek actually meet the national capacity requirements.

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