battery forum record II

- Dec 20, 2016-

Zhou Peng (host): Deng total, I think your business I also went to the scene many times, you are your own 8G or hold a thigh wh close to 8G wh?


Deng Guanhao: this problem is quite tangled, when in November 29th in Beijing on the 8G also had a leading industry association meeting, the reaction is very fierce, some companies are very excited, the reality of the situation, 8G to 40 kwh kwh, as a benchmark, is 200 thousand cars, the corresponding Chinese now may this year, which is about 400000 cars, in other words, the two enterprises were finished, then the origin of the 8G is actually worth discussing, I think it is for a country to promote a certain scale, is also the focus of support to several large enterprises, on the one hand I want to raise the threshold, a road on the one hand to go to the market.


The Zhuo Zhuo, now it should be said that on the 18650 of the production capacity is still quite large, now in Shenzhen built 700 thousand new day, known as the 1 million, actually 700 thousand daily production has been completed, we also compared some enterprises in the domestic one, from the production capacity, I am talking about is including Guangxi and Shenzhen two plates. But we forget about 8G, Nissan 3 million 400 thousand to meet the 18650, very scary. So many of the listed companies, including all add up to even 18650 listed companies, I think if all 8G have 10 million cars China watt electric, now two enterprises can meet, so I think this is from my personal and business point of view, I think this is debatable.


Then zhuoneng will moderate development of productivity, we will not hard bite a so-called 8G, necessary circumstances Baotuan heating, because there is no definite, we meet a capacity or conform to the concept of time, I first came to this.


Zhou Peng (host): my second question is a Guan Jian word, this word is called Guan Jian powers, I always ask this question specifically for flood, this year on electric vehicles should be said to have two very clear direction in power, the first is the host plant should be the ultimate responsibility for new energy sources the safety of the car, and even a core responsibility is also responsible to the host plant, the second is mainly responsible for the recovery of the power battery plant, will encourage the electric core factory to do some aspects of cooperation, I would like to ask Mr. Hong in the two full responsibility is clear, the back of the two host plant the two pot pot, how do you solve? How do you and downstream businesses face this problem together?


Hong Bin: the earliest we can see is that from the formal production, large-scale production should be in 2013, 2014, 2014, 2015, more precisely, in front of a lot of time to do a demonstration, the real mass production scale in 2014, 2015, we design the whole life cycle of car is 5 to 6 years, a lot of enterprises I feel no pressing down the battery back in the future how to deal with, or how, but this project has always existed, but it is a very important issue. The host plant in the selection of battery suppliers, not only I am just a choice, or you reach me an index or how a price I will choose you, spend more time with the battery factory, power battery factory in the development, to ensure the safety of.


Second, can not avoid the national policy has been introduced, the monitoring requirements for host plant cells throughout the life cycle, after the end of its life cycle reuse or recycling this part, in this part I can still slightly introduce, just a mention of Nissan in December 2010 launched a new car, this year nearly 5 to 6 years, a life cycle approach it, we consider the battery recycling part. Can introduce, OEM and outside companies have established recycling of power batteries together to participate in the company to do its part of the recovery, the company also operates three or four years of time, I believe that such a battery recycling or recycling, including as a new household electric storage a method of the content, I think very soon in the domestic promotion, we would also like to be able to do some more research and some cooperation with the domestic companies in this respect.

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