battery forum record III

- Dec 20, 2016-

Zhou Peng (host): I have third questions or to return to a group of figures, the two magic number is a 90 watt hours per kilogram, a 120 Watt hours per kilogram, which is the whole package of the energy density of the legendary qualified subsidy policy, I would like to ask Liao Zonghedeng, your current the product in the first, more than 90 watt hours per kilogram should be no problem, from 120 Watt hours per kilogram bag full of energy density now has far? Or has been achieved?


Deng Guanhao: for the 90 watt hours per kilogram, 120 kwh per kg or three yuan for System 90 watt hours per kilogram I believe that the vast majority of enterprises have already realized that this problem may affect the iron lithium battery is relatively large, so I know there seems to be a relatively large current - specializing in the production of lithium iron in this enterprise, the product yield control. For the whole package of energy density, we now have 18650 in the current large-scale push market we have about 200 kwh per kg, higher then 220 watt hours per kilogram, relatively the whole package should be made based on left and right under the existing technical conditions about 60%, to meet the 120 Watt hours per kilogram is realized.


Zhou Peng (host): so we can say that even if you don't realize is the point the day and await for it.


Deng Guanhao: Yes, I think it should not be a big technical problem.


Liao Zhenbo Beek: the battery is currently the main production from 18650, energy density, energy density of batteries itself we have several series, there are 2.4 ah, 2.75 ah, have reached the level of 250. Today is the theme of our future direction of technology development, from our battery enterprises, we have to pay more attention to some of the electric core itself, from the material system, now is through high nickel, including silicon rich should reach 300, including lithium metal back direction, may have to have some changes in the material system on. For now, from our cylindrical this requirement is very easy to achieve.


Zhou Peng (host): at the end of two the magic number I next set of questions should be two sets of magic number, this is of course a so-called 300 kwh per kg, the other one is the so-called 350 Watt hours per kilogram. I would like to ask Hong, 300 watt hours per kilogram corresponding roughly as A-class car or A0 car about 400 kilometers, so the car you feel, for example from Nissan perspective, competition in the market, such as cheaper car 200 kilometers, you of the continued when the battery and the user relative mileage experience, and user acceptance is what kind of attitude?


Hong Bin: we actually had more time in the research and development of electric vehicles are often caught in a bottleneck, requirements for battery power companies do more energy than high mileage, the more energy is not higher than, or longer mileage must be better sales, or is more favorable to the market? In fact, I personally think that is not necessarily proportional, why say so? For example, you just mentioned every kilograms of 350 kwh of energy than we can run up to 400 kilometers, I also mentioned in his speech how to travel? We are in the promotion of electric vehicles, or we have to do this new energy vehicles should give consumers more is to provide a way to travel or a proposal, not to say that I am the electric car completely replace a gasoline car, I want to go from Shanghai to Beijing, or from Shanghai to Harbin to Changchun, can run this thing is more likely to consider ways to solve the travel plan, I think we should state clearly aware of this problem, now also mentioned that before I saw the first two days of 2020, our entire domestic development of charging stations to 200 thousand scale, if you can do within 1 km will have a charging pile do fast charge, I think 400 kilometers of electric vehicles have been enough.

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