Battery Forum Record IV

- Dec 20, 2016-

Zhou Peng (host): I think the next topic is a Guan Jian word, the Guan Jian word called "hollow", then Chinese is lithium battery power, but now the reality of the situation, for example, high nickel cathode materials, including the diaphragm, including the Deng total battery shell steel, also master or in foreign hands, of course, I have been to many of the battery factory, many battery factory is the introduction of a full set of advanced equipment. So my question is, I always answer you first please Deng, that is such a situation if you go faster, finally will cause the entire battery industry scale is very large, there will be a hollow, value chain all go on traveling, our next step how to do again?


Deng Guanhao: from the capital are concerned about money now, a lot of people, to 18650 this product, more and more enterprises complete the introduction of foreign technology and equipment from abroad, and a lot of new energy vehicles aimed at the direction of the enterprises also scale to South Korea and Japan to hire some high-end talents. The original intention is to effectively enter this market, but on the objective capital also led to a large number of overcapacity, this overcapacity inevitably fall into a vicious circle.


Really want to solve this problem, our ability to domestic equipment level is still lacking, the technical level is also lacking, so in our zhuoneng itself in considering this issue, we have their own ideas, because each business must have their own core competitiveness in the development, the core competitiveness of some enterprises may be, some enterprises in the equipment, but some companies may be in the operating mode and so on the other, it is not necessarily able to us all the products, all the devices are fully imported, we have to point at some point difference, so also have their own understanding and understanding of the product from this point, we avoid homogenization, or in the same way.


Zhou Peng (host): Liao total I would like to ask, for example, now I have seen Beek's production line, should all be imported lines, of course I want to you after the capacity planning is relatively large, at the core of the equipment and the upper reaches of the core raw materials, because of our cooperation projects together, have control I was deeply moved by the subject to the upstream raw materials, what is Beek in this aspect of the plan?


Liao Zhenbo: on the issue of Industrial Hollowing. Should be an industrial base of our country the problem here, including raw materials, including precision instrument manufacturing, this kind of thing is not what the industry or any industry inside which products manufacturers to undertake or finished. Comparison of safety grams, very realistic is the product of the first, quality is the first, I had before joining Beek, is in a world top 500 enterprises, which ranked 104, 20 billion of the annual investment. Responsible for the investment of 20 years, I basically get an experience, the first is to ensure the quality of products is the equipment, and then the equipment management, if it is not, then you just play a supporting role to strengthen management.

So I see Beek over the past ten years adhering to this point of view, is the equipment is to be in the first place, so he spent a lot of money to import Japanese equipment, so that the 18650 products of its consistency is very good, so the next few years investment, this year is three yuan 2.5G kWh battery capacity will reach. 6 watt G next year, next year the line has been cast into, basically one hundred percent of imported equipment, of course, we will go down and we are also very pleased to see that some of the manufacturing equipment manufacturers at the domestic quality level is improving, we will also consider some domestic equipment in some of our equipment inside the process the next step of the investment process, which added some domestic clearance equipment. For the upstream industry this piece is indeed our battery manufacturers a very painful thing, there is a strong pain point, when the battery is in great demand, upstream raw materials manufacturers, is a high bound cost price, the price is very powerful, and our downstream car manufacturers to our cost requirements need to be greatly reduced, as we predicted in 2020, the existing batteries cost to a 50% drop, but the upper reaches of the cost could be down how this is one; in addition, you see us in battery technology, material surface system is a very important one depends on our raw material quality assurance. So we hope we can cooperate with upstream enterprises better, overcome some material problems, so that we can provide better products for the core quality of the electric vehicle factory.

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