BMW I3 batteries Load on Beck Automation German company

- Nov 25, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, the German company Beck Automation installed a fixed energy storage system for BMW Group using 36 BMW I3 batteries with 42 kWh power. The installation of the storage system can reduce the peak load of the power grid and provide support for electric vehicles with fast charging power up to 360 kW.

The system is equipped with 36 BMW I3 batteries with 42 kWh power and a maximum capacity of about 1.5 MWh. According to Beck Automation, the system can charge three electric vehicles at the same time, and provide charging connectors that meet CCS 1, CCS 2, GB/T (China) and CHAdeMO standards. It can be connected to storage devices only at low voltage to balance the grid pressure (regulating peak demand).

According to Beck, the system has "optimized packaging energy density", which means that the high-capacity, high-power charging capacity system is suitable for parking spaces and other narrow space. Moreover, the modular system assembles 42 batteries into a 20-foot cube similar to a container used by construction workers. All of Beck's multi-functional power storage systems use original BMW I3 batteries.