BYD (11% global EV passenger car battery share)

- Dec 16, 2016-

In China, BYD is the largest producer of EV batteries, while in the field of EV passenger car has maintained strong momentum. Although BYD in the global EV passenger car market share is not high, their main sales from the Chinese market. An authoritative report, BYD has been using iron phosphate lithium cathode material, compared with the traditional, but in recent years the competition has gradually turned to the nickel cobalt manganese material as cathode. Nickel cobalt manganese in the cost and safety of the dominant, but the energy density is not high, so BYD temporarily retained the use of iron phosphate. However, BYD interactive platform this year, investors have said that the company's future plug-in hybrid vehicles will try to use three yuan battery. As early as a few years ago, BYD in the layout of the power three yuan lithium battery research and development, after a lot of experiments and demonstration, the mass production of lithium battery has reached the level of stability of lithium iron phosphate battery three.

The world's three yuan lithium Yuyan hot, no matter the lead AESC flowers who will change the pattern of the market for lithium batteries.

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