Development of New Energy Battery 2018

- May 19, 2018-

Development of New Energy Battery 2018

China vigorously develops lithium-ion power batteries, and also supports fuel cells. 

At present, the transformation of power is an important trend in the change of the automobile industry. 

In China, the lithium battery is used on the bus, and the three yuan lithium battery on the passenger car has been the mainstream, and the key indexes such as energy density, safety, stability, consistency and so on. 

Based on domestic high nickel cathode materials, especially nickel cobalt manganese 622 material, the energy density of the shell battery monomer over 200 watts per kilogram at the end of 2017, the energy density of all battery monomers is 230 + 20 watts / kg. 

By 2020, the energy density target of China's lithium ion battery will be 300 watts / kg. To this end, enterprises and universities in China are investing more in the industrialization of solid state batteries and lithium rich manganese based materials.

this news has a good information to show that lithium ion battery has a big trend to go increasing higher than before. 

good quality battery has good safety assurance, price will be in accord with safety also. please take care of low quality and low price battery, but also in afraid of super high price.