Distributed PV market in 2017

- Jan 16, 2017-

In recent years, under the strong support of national tariff subsidies and other policies, the rapid expansion of the scale of photovoltaic power generation. According to the national development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute predicted that 2016 annual new installed capacity of more than 33 million kilowatts, a total of more than 76 million kilowatts, an annual growth rate of more than 75%. In addition, a number of photovoltaic companies have begun to develop distributed projects, and a number of companies have said that in 2017 the development of distributed project plans up to hundreds of MW. Strong policy tilt, the focus of corporate transfer, distributed PV will usher in a truly explosive growth. The following is the report of the small hall finishing 2017 distributed PV industry market analysis.          

2017 PV benchmark price adjustment plan has not yet been officially released, but from the current version of the draft content, the tariff for the ground station is significantly reduced about 20% is a high probability event, and from next year, most of the common areas of photovoltaic power station project index will also use the same distribution as the base project leader bidding. Then the superposition of the Energy Bureau of the I area index issued strict control, and the short term still can not see the power problem significantly improved, a centralized ground photovoltaic power plant investment attraction fell sharply in 2017 is inevitable.          

In contrast, the distributed electricity subsidies, is expected to cut minimum draft electricity subsidies 0.42 yuan will be in accordance with I, II and III were slightly reduced to 0.35 and 0.4 yuan / kWh, and recently there is news that III area may maintain 0.42 yuan / kWh subsidy unchanged, full of energy the Bureau and the Ministry of Finance on distributed PV support attitude. for solar batteries, like solar backup battery,solar power battery storage system,solar panels and battery banks,storage batteries for solar pv,solar battery storage technology,solar electricity storage,solar pv with battery storage,solar battery storage solutions,solar rechargeable batteries 3.2 volt,solar panels with storage batteries you can find more at snl.