Dong Mingzhu will continue to acquire Zhuhai silver in his own name

- Dec 16, 2016-

In the GREE acquisition of Zhuhai silver long after the failure, people are guessing Dong Mingzhu is not depressed, but the afternoon of December 15th, Dong Mingzhu at the Great Hall of the people Chinese manufacturing forum announced that he personally invested in Zhuhai long silver, and this time she drew Wang Jianlin and Wanda Liu Qiangdong of Jingdong to invest together.

Although the parties did not disclose the overall investment plan, but according to multiple sources, Dong City in the name of a person, and Wanda Jingdong, CIMC group and Beijing Hebei finance international investment limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as "Hebei Huijin") to increase 3 billion, won the Zhuhai silver long 22.388% stake.

In accordance with the 5 parties involved in the price of equity, Zhuhai silver long valuation of $13 billion 400 million. This price, compared with a certain increase in August. In August this year, GREE electric intends to issue shares in the acquisition of 100% stake in Zhuhai long silver, trading price of $13 billion.

CIMC is in promotional materials, CIMC Group subsidiary companies to increase 200 million yuan stake in Zhuhai long silver, silver long Zhuhai accounts for about 1.5% of the equity, while the two sides agreed to expand business cooperation.

Wang Jianlin at the scene did not disclose their specific investment amount and the proportion of shares. However, he euphemistic expression, Wanda as a global entertainment giant, this is the first time in more than 30 years to invest in manufacturing, investment money is not much, nor less." And a CCTV dialogue with Wang Jianlin text interview shows that the amount of investment is 500 million yuan Wang Jianlin.

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