Dynamic battery Anticipation has bright future

- Jan 07, 2018-

Dynamic battery is gradually become the major force of lithium-ion battery industry. 

2016 is the watershed of the lithium ion battery industry, before 2016, IT products are the main force with the application of lithium ion battery, after that, the power battery demand will continue to grow rapidly.

according to the forecast of South Korea SNE research, the global battery output will reach $31 billion 700 million in 2020, will reach $97 billion 900 million in 2025, as a huge market of billions of dollars level, will attract many of the game player involved, technological competition and capital competition will continue to increase, the power battery market will be transformed into a piece of the Red Sea from the blue ocean.

Writer's opinion for reference: with the development of ev mounting on lithium ion batteries, dynamic will be applied in more and more industries.