Effect of high current pulse discharge on lithium iron phosphate battery

- Nov 05, 2016-

With the rapid development of Chinese electric vehicle industry, power battery market expands rapidly and the material system of the power battery mainly uses the lithium iron phosphate and three yuan two kinds of material in the system, the current three yuan battery materials has not yet entered into the national directory of fiscal subsidies, lithium iron phosphate battery can be described as heady.          

For electric vehicles, battery life is a key factor affecting the use cost, and the lithium ion battery life depends on many factors, such as material system, the use of the environment, work pattern will have a significant impact on the life of lithium ion battery.          

Lithium iron phosphate material has a stable olivine structure, so its structural stability is better than that of layered structure materials, such as LiCoO2 and three element materials, etc.. But the use of the environment and work mode will have a significant impact on the life of lithium iron phosphate materials, such as electric cars are often faced with instantaneous large current discharge mode, generally large current discharge will greatly reduce the lithium ion battery life, so we need to decline on the mechanism of cell caused by high current pulsed discharge the further research.

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