electric bike battery 48v 20ah 24v 24ah 36v 10ah 1000w

- Feb 22, 2017-

Basic Info
  • Connection Mode: Series and Parallel

  • Discharge Rate: Medium Discharge Rate

  • Accessories Type: Battery

  • Standard Voltage: 24v 36v 48v

  • Electrolyte: Li-ion

  • Continuous Working Current: 10A

  • size: oem

  • Type: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Rated Capacity: 8ah 9ah 10ah, 15ah 20ah

  • Usage: E-Bike, E- Scooter

  • Structure: Icr18650 2200mAh 

  • Motor Available: 250w 500w

  • Charger: 2A Aluminum Case Charger

  • Origin: Shenzhen

electric bike battery 48v 20ah 24v 24ah 36v 10ah 1000w


Typical Capacity12.0Ah25ºC,1 C5A discharge
Nominal Voltage24.0V25ºC,Average Voltage at 0.2 C5A discharge
Charge input voltage110-240V ACWide voltage
Charge current2AWorking temperature:0~35ºC
Charge cut-off voltage29.4VCC/CV
Charge time2-5h
Working current15A
Peak Working Current(2S)30AWorking temperature:0~35ºC
Over charge protection4.2±0.05VSingle cell
Over discharge protection 2.75±0.05VSingle cell
Weightabout 3.6kg
Storage temperature≤3monthBest 20±5ºC for long-time storage
Storage humidity
≤3month0~30ºCBest storage temperature:20±5ºC
Charge battery  every 3 month

We supply batteries types such as bottle battery, rear rack battery, silver battery, frog battery, Qingtian battery, 24/36/48V normal series, we also accept customized battery packs, domestic cell or imported cells are all available. If you are interested, welcome to send your inquiry.

More models:

Include BMS and housing
(V)(Ah)L*W*K  (mm) (kg)(A)
SNL-SF-LFP2408Silver fishLiFePO4 24875*110*37842
SNL-SF-LFP24081Silver fishLiFePO4 248 89*89*40142
SNL-SF-LN2410Silver fishLNCM2410 89*89*4013.52
SNL-RR-LFP2408Rear rackLiFePO4 24870*150*24542
SNL-RR-LN2410Rear rackLNCM241070*150*2463.52
SNL-SF-LFP2410Silver fishLiFePO4 241075*110*3784.22
SNL-LF-LFP2410FrogLiFePO4 241080*150*1804.22
SNL-RR-LFP2410Rear rackLiFePO4 241070*150*2454.22
SNL-WB-LFP2410water bottleLiFePO4 241091*91*4104.52
SNL-SF-LFP2420Silver fishLiFePO4 2420135.5*88.8*39565
SNL-SF-LFP3608Silver fishLiFePO4 36875*110*3854.22
SNL-RR-LFP3608Rear rackLiFePO4 36870*150*3654.22
SNL-LF-LFP3606FrogLiFePO4 36680*150*18042
SNL-SF-LFP3610Silver fishLiFePO4 361075*110*3854.52
SNL-RR-LFP3610Rear rackLiFePO4 361070*150*3654.52
SNL-WB-LN3610water bottleLNCM361091*91*43542
SNL-RR-LFP3612Rear rackLiFePO4 361269*150*4804.52
SNL-SF-LFP3612Silver fishLNCM361289*85*385 4.52
SNL-RR-LN3614Rear rackLiFePO4 361468*148*3855.53
SNL--RR-LFP4810Rear rackLiFePO4 481068*150*48072
SNL-LFP4820Epoxy board & PVC packagedLiFePO4 4820320*140*15014.54

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