Electric vehicle lithium battery hazard test

- Jan 18, 2017-

[Experiment 1] electric vehicle fires          

10:22 on December 6th, the three pilot electric car, just a few minutes, the staircase buildings ablaze, smoke billowing. 5 minutes later, the staff in the car about 30 cm above the maximum temperature of 1079.5 degrees Celsius Jingda. "After the fire in 6 minutes, we are in the top floor of the building, which is called the most safe place a device for measuring carbon monoxide concentration, results showed that carbon monoxide concentration is 772ppm, carbon monoxide in 600ppm environment, a few minutes would be killed, that is to say, the electric vehicle caused by burning fire. Even if there is no fire in other parts of the house, no one area is safe." Key Laboratory of fire science and technology, Zhongshan University, Dr. Mo Shanjun said.          

The researchers placed a small hamster in each floor, after the end of the experiment staff inspection found that the floor of the little hamsters have no life.          

[Experiment 2] electric vehicle lithium battery harm          

The second experiment is about lithium batteries for electric vehicles. I saw some old randomly in the experimental personnel remove several electric car lithium battery, the lithium battery "is composed of a plurality of lithium batteries, to worry about the scene was too powerful, we will select one of the battery components to do the experiment".          

The staff saw the lithium battery the size of a finger on the test bench, with a mass of one kilogram above about one meter high falls on the impact of lithium battery small first smoke, then bang bang, the box door is ripped a hole the site also caused the fire.          

"This is just a battery element, if it is the entire battery of electric vehicles, the impact of the explosion caused by the power of the imagination can be imagined!" The researchers explained.to use good quality electric vehicals in correct way, like: ae e bike li polymer battery 36v 10ah,li ion akku 36v 10ah,lithium polymer battery 36 volt 10ah,batterie lipo 36v 10ah,batteri 36v 10ah,lifepo4 battery 36v 10ah,ebike battery pack 36v 10ah,36v 500w battery,e bike battery li ion 36v 9000mah,e bike battery li ion 36v 9000mah 324 wh