Electrolyte solvent prices rose as high as 80 percent

- Oct 31, 2016-

From the solvent plant, electrolyte plant, third party professional bodies and other multi learned that the root causes of the price of the solvent from its main raw material propylene oxide appears serious imbalance between supply and demand.          

Epoxy propane prices because part of the September G20 summit in Hangzhou, factory shutdowns during plant shutdowns, Yantai Wanhua chemical explosion accidents and other reasons caused by tight supply, causing prices of solvent.          

Specific analysis, not 5 kinds of solvents are in the price. For example, the price of vinyl carbonate this year, there is no big fluctuations, and the price surge in the performance of the outstanding is the ethyl carbonate, carbonate two methyl carbonate, two methyl carbonate 3 solvent, the price increase of 30%-80%.          

On the one hand, six fluorine lithium phosphate high price of raw materials, solvent purchase cost is not accounted for, six fluorine lithium phosphate is still dominant in the electrolyte cost; on the other hand, the solvent price belongs to the price fluctuations in the short term, sustained low impact.          

In fact, from the beginning of October, propylene oxide has gradually returned to normal levels, is expected to gradually return solvent prices.

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