Energy density target

- Oct 31, 2016-

In the field of electric vehicles, how to improve the energy density of a single charge mileage through continuous upgrading of power batteries, has become one of the problems and challenges faced by the industry and academia.          

2016 days ago, the annual meeting of the China Automotive Engineering Society, the energy saving and new energy automotive technology roadmap officially released. According to the technical route, in 2020 the pure electric vehicle power battery energy density target of 350wh/kg, 2025 target of 400wh/kg, 2030 target of 500wh/kg.          

"It is very important to increase the density of energy, so that we can be more efficient than the traditional car. In addition, only by this way electric vehicles can achieve better profit growth, and no longer need to rely on government funding." Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. vice president Zheng Shixiong said.          

In 2020, the energy density can be achieved by the existing material system of potential mining (i.e. high nickel silicon carbon anode + three yuan), after 2020 to be done by the materials and battery system upgrade (lithium air battery lithium sulfur battery +).

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